2020 BMW M4

Lower, wider, meaner


From £65,000

In line with newer models

Design unique to its model

More technology then ever before

X-Drive could make it heavier to drive

More expensive than before

Engine could be improved more in power


So finally the new BMW 3 series has been launched and it is a serious step up from its predecessor. Furthermore the release of the 3 series also means one thing… that it’s time for the new 4 series to change look and catch up with the rest of the family as it’s looking seriously dated at this stage. Yes , it’s a car that has aged and will age very well but considering how much you are spending on it new, it’s only fair to give their customers more for their money and in line with the times. In particular like other BMW enthusiasts we are excited for the new 2020 BMW M4 that is not far from being released. As engines change we require smaller engines to produce the equal amount of power so it is predicted that the new M4 will have the same engine as the current model but will be much better.


In order to best demonstrate to you our vision of what the 2020 BMW m4 will look like we created a render just for you. Expect the 2020 M4 to get a wider and lower front bumper like many new BMW are being released with just like the new 7 series and Mercedes S class. This gives it an overall more aggressive look together with the built in aero elements that’ll send cooling to the M4’s turbochargers and brakes. The typical ‘power dome’ bonnet is an M car feature but is expected to look a little sharper than the current rounded version including the signature kinked wing mirrors that are also expected to have more detail than previously thanks to advancement in production technology.


As one would expect, beautiful 19-inch alloy wheels will come as standard while lightweight 20-inch items with track-oriented tyres will be optional. One must consider though that to accommodate those and the car’s wider track, the M4 will get phenomenal wheel arches. Round the back, you’ll see a set of quad exhaust pipes integrated into the rear diffuser.

As the overall objective would be to keep the weight of the new m4 lower than before it can be expected that more lightweight materials , maybe inspired from the i3, i8 line could be integrated to make the roof, doors, wings, strut brace and bonnet .


It will be at least 50kgs lighter than the car it replaces, along with getting the latest gearbox and launch-control software that will bring it from 0-62mph in less than four seconds. We all know that as we also wrote from our review BMW will finally take care of the known traction issues with the m4 and give the new M4 four-wheel drive like the new M5.

Weight and engineering

The 2020 BMW M4 will run a revamped version of the 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six fitted to the outgoing model which thanks to current advancement in engine engineering will be  tuned to produce around 480hp which is 50hp more than the current model.

Hopefully in 2020 BMW will listen to the voice of their ever growing enthusiasts around the globe and give them an M4 Gran Coupe, with its sleek and sexy body style to go with proper M performance.


We’ll just have to wait and see but in the meantime enjoy our render, ask us any questions you may have and share share share !

Weight and engineering

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