BMW 440i

A hidden beast


£47,370 - 51,475


Courtesy of


34.4 - 33.6

CO2 emissions

164 g/km

Road Tax

£194 - £450

0-100 km/h




Safety Rating

Power of an M4 but suitable to everyone

Subtle design

Available as a 5 door supercar

A bit too similar to lower models

Driving modes could be more different

Sport mode should be sportier



The exterior of the BMW 440i is very similar to other lower powered 4 series models with M Sport highlights. Anyhow it's what is under the hood of the 440i that changes everything. An alternative to the flashy M4, it gives you almost the same power, a wonderful sound and the ability to turn all that off for your more formal or family friendly occasions. The styling is toned back and reserved but still in typical BMW 4 Series style it carries a sporty design that balances perfectly the compromise between  space, comfort and design. The two door version like our one is a great alternative to the M4 but if you want to add another level of practicality you can go for the ultimate 5 door performance car which is the 440i Grand coupe that we aim to try very soon. You can also go for the beautiful convertable eventough it will set you back a little extra price wise as it starts from £50,175 ORP . The 4 Series first went on sale in 2014, and then was given a well needed facelift and design revision in 2017 aswell as an upgraded interior and more standard equipment.

Our 440i has the M Sport package that gives it an aggressive look from front to back with larger and lower front bumper making it seem to be almost floating over the road and intending to eat anything in its path. The backend of the car is greeted by two beautiful sport performance exhausts, one on each side not only for sporty aesthetics but also to channel that wonderful sound from the engine and make the car roar that bit more.

You can find below the specs on our 440i :

  • 18" M light alloy Double-spoke style 400 M wheels

  • Air Breather, Black, High-gloss

  • Door sill finishers with M designation

  • Exhaust tailpipe – dual, left, with Chrome finisher

  • Exterior trim, High-gloss Shadowline

  • Headlining, Anthracite

  • Interior trim, Aluminium Hexagon with Estoril Blue finisher

  • Kidney grille, Chrome with extra-wide Black, High-gloss vertical slats

  • LED foglights, front

  • LED headlights

  • LED tail lights with dynamic brake lights

  • M aerodynamic bodystyling

  • M gear selector lever in Nappa leather (manual transmission only)

  • M Sport instrument cluster

  • M Sport multi-function leather steering wheel

  • M Sport suspension (not available for xDrive models)

  • Media package – BMW Professional

  • Metallic paint

  • Remote control, including integrated key, with inset in Blue

  • Seat adjustment – front, electric with driver memory (430i / 440i / 430d / 430d xDrive / 435d xDrive / all Convertible models)

  • Side exterior M designation badges





We found the 440i coupe as being quite practical with more then sufficient space throughout beating the Audi A5 coupe in this field.  Comfortable space is provided at the back and we even managed to fit two adults comfortably as the gap between the seats removes the sense of enclosure and helps with comfortable movement even when at full capacity.

It must be considered though that as the 4 series is reeching the end of its cycle and preparig for the release of the new generation model. Eventhough it has aged excptionally it does have an older design compared to other competitors such as the Audi A5 and Mercedes C class Coupe. The modern and solid appearence of more updated models like the A5 is missing in the 4 Series regardless of the changes made in the facelift versions. Neverthless now with the release of models like the Z4 and the 3 series we can already get an idea of what sort of interor can be expected from the new 4 Series.

If you go for the M Sport models like our 440i it will look and feel sportier. What is done to the car is the glossy black plastics are swapped for Aluminium Hexagon which not only looks better but just gives a feeling of refinement. This includes other small details around the cabin such as sportier and better looking steering wheel, gear knob and instrument cluster. Furthermore with the wide variety of options you can customize your car to levels beyond your immagination and go for individual BMW leather interiors with colours sure to set your 440i apart. All this will cost you an extra £1,215 but this does not include the trim pieces such as Ash Grain White and Piano Black that can be added for an extra £375.  Anyhow I can reassure you that the BMW individual options are one of the few additions that are most noticeable towards the final look of your car and will definately make it stand out from the crowd.




The infotainment system in sport models comes with a basic sat-nav system with a miserable looking 6.5-inch screen, hands-free Bluetooth phone connection and a USB plug that to be honest is only useful to charge your phone at this stage. The good side though is that it’s all operated using BMW’s iDrive control system with the well known BMW swivel wheel that’s located in an ideal position at arms lenght between the two front seats that makes navigating the menu easy and smooth when you’re on the move. At traffic lights I like to use the touch screen incorportated now in the facelifted versions as it just allows you a little more freedom when interacting with the menu. After going to this model from a Mercedes I found BMW to be unbeatable in terms of user friendly and slick design for their infotainment systems and general menu design.

What I don't understand is the same issue I address in many of my reviews which is my point about features being given as standard that will not be used by the majority of drivers while some features that are extremely needed like the Professional infotainment are not included. In fact that upgraded system will cost you an extra £900 on Sport models unless u go for M Sport models which at that point it's included. Going for the professional infotainment system means you'll be given an 8.8-inch screen that’s clearer and more detailed than the basic 6.2 inch version which if you compared side by side will look like an analogue clock from the 90s. I personally think it's shamful that BMW even allows it to be an option in some of their cars like the 4 Series.  Returning to the question at hand, the professional infotainment option has a faster processor meaning it can calculate routes much quicker and as expected is controlled through the same swivel control as the standard infotainment but also gets a touchpad that allows you to enter postcodes into the sat-nav by writing with your finger on the rare occasions where you remember you actually have that option ... ( useless ).

Now moving away from some of the useless options we have some of the very useful ones such as the £295 Digital Cockpit display, which replaces traditional dials with a 12.3-inch screen... spectacular !  Its appearance changes depending on which mode you’re in. Colours and design change depending if you're in Sport with red dials, Comfort with white and Economy with blue all of which are accomopanied by different information displayed. Even better when you insert directions to a destination it becomes an enourmous map making it a pleasure to follow directions without having to tilt your head constantly at the center console screen. 

I have driven my fare share of cars with absolutely horrible sound systems that come as standard but I must say that BMW standard sound systems are quite good. In fact I would say that most people would not recognise that it isn't the advanced option unless they were music enthusiasts or they were moving from a BMW with a standard sound system to an advanced one. You can upgrade to the £430, 205W Loudspeaker system which has nine speakers all round the car including two subwoofers and a centre speaker on the dash but at that point I would reccomend spending the extra £245 more for the £675 Harmon Kardon surround-sound system.  It has 600W of firepower, no less than 16-speakers and a nine-channel amplifier that just blows your mind !


Audio System

Cockpit Display



If we look at the lineup of BMW coupes , the 4 series is probably the one where getting comfortable and into a good driving position is easiest. Do consider that the seat is at a very low position meaning you do feel like you are driving an extremely powerful go-kart.  I must give my compliments to BMW for the touch of giving all models electrically adjustable seats unlike some other automotvie makers such as Masarati that in a 80 thousand pound car gives you manual seats... shameful.  The 440i also gives you the great ability to adjust your steering wheel in a wide array of positions making driving long distances a pleasure. I do hear many critics dissaprove of the extra charge of £265 pounds for the lumbard support but to be completely honest I'm one of the people that have it in all of my cars as it was already included but I have never used it meaning I much rather have BMW giving me as standard the electric seats.

Access to the two back seats is a little strange though and may appear as overly time consuming but in fact ... it actually is ! For some odd reason to move the seats forward you can't just press the button and have it move automatically but rather you need to hold it down for the chair to move causing it to completely evade the point of having it in the first place. I tended to just fold it manually instead of spending my lifetime watching this chair move slowly while my passengers aged in the back. Many owners say that this is due to the relation between the height of the roof and the size of the seat meaning that if it is folded forward and then moves automatically it then touches the sun visor, applies excessive pressure and causes the mirror to explode so supposively having it manual would help prevent that as you would notice tension before causing any damage.


Going on, passangers tht are six-foot tall will fit, and they’ll have sufficient  knee room including arm space thanks to the width of the car and the gap in the center with the cup holders that remove the sense of clastrophobia that some cars with a center console in the back like with the Mercedes CLS have. In fact, the BMW’s rear seats have more room than what you get in the Audi A5 or even Mercedes C class.

Passenger space


If we look at the Audi a5 with its 465 L boot and the mercedes C class with its 440 L boot the BMW 440i sits comfortably in the middle. To be honest we traveled to Brighton for a weekend the boot was more then sufficient to fit all our camera equipment,  boxes with camer gear, lighting and backpacks... lots of backpacks.  The great thing about the 4 Series is that all of them come with run flat tyres in typical BMW fashion making the most out of the space as you get a large hidden storage area under the boot floor where you would otherwise find a spare wheel in other cars.

In the boot we can easily fit a baby stroller, a set of golf clubs or even two large and one small suitcase. Rear seats that split 60:40 come as standard. If one really needs it for £170 the back seats can split 40:20:40 and be released from the boot, leaving a flat floor.



Engine - Stats

  • Top speed155Mph

  • 0–625.00s

  • Engine capacity2,998cc

  • Fuel typePetrol

  • TransmissionAutomatic

  • Engine Power - BHP326bhp

  • Engine Power - KW240kW

  • Engine Power - RPM5,500rpm

  • Engine Torque - LB·FT332lb·ft

  • Engine Torque - NM450Nm

  • Cylinders - Bore82mm

  • Cylinders - Stroke95mm

  • CO2164g/km

  • Standard Euro EmissionsEuro 6

  • Fuel Tank Capacity60l

  • EC Urban29mpg

  • EC Extra Urban45mpg

  • EC Combined37.7mpg

  • Cylinders6

  • Cylinder LayoutIn-Line

  • Number of Valves24

  • CamshaftDOHC

  • Drive trainRear Wheel Drive

  • Fuel deliveryTurbo

  • Catalytic Convertor

  • Turning Circle - Kerb to Kerb11.30m

In terms of engine the 440i comes with a turbocharged inline-six that delivers 320 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. We must consider that all this enourmous power is shot right at the back wheels making it ideal for a fun driving experience and ... very dynamic and dramatic turns. 

The driving position as we said is very low and close to the ground but just gives a phenomenal feel of the road and what is ahead making you feel as one with your car.

This powerful engine of the releases a beautiful sound from the sport exhausts and some very very very nice gurgles every so often when driving at lower speeds and down shifting in sports mode. What I did like is that differently from the M4 the sound the 440i produces also matches the entire idea behind the car and is powerful yet a more subtle then the M4 roar.  What I also always found great about BMW, especially in more powerful models like the 440i is the options between the driving modes that unlike in Audi where you change between them and you could easily forget what mode you are in, in a BMW you will recognise immediately the change of modes making every trip ideal for its purpose.


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