New BMW 7 Series

Ultimate Luxury


From £68,175


CO2 emissions

45.5 - 117.7
54 - 163 g/km

Road Tax

0-100 km/h


 £830 Approx

Safety Rating


Worth the change

Unique Look

Cogestion Charge exempt hybrid model available

Grills a a bit oversized?

Interior almost identical to pre-facelift

Price still in high range

The new BMW 7 Series is an incredible vehicle. Just in simple terms it's comfy and spacious alternative with a modern and sporty look making it a car perfect to drive and be driven in unlike some other luxury competitors such as the famous Mercedes S-Class and widely popular Audi A8.

Our Thoughts


Originally Audi had achieved this market but unfortunately since the new release of the new generation Audi A8 it has become a car purely to be driven in and tightly connected with Chauffeurs. Luckily BMW has managed to stay away from that categorisation thanks to the sporty and innovative look the 7 series has. 


For the driver, it’s well-equipped, looks good, drives well and sounds incredible when you step on it while for the passengers in the back, it drives smoothly and quietly with all the features a private airline would have. However, the petrol engines and some of its optional extras will eat through your wallet.

Prices & Engines


£69,430 for the rear-wheel-drive 730d. - This model produces an convenient 265hp, 3.0-litre diesel engine and has a wide range of trims and optionals available.

£138,935 for the M760Li xDrive - As the name suggests this option has the all wheel drive option that in Audi would be called the "Quattro System". It also has a longer wheelbase (the space between the front and rear wheels) and produces  a more then sufficient 585hp with it's enourmous 6.6-litre petrol engine.



If you want to take your new 7 series to the next level you can go for the L cars that have a longer wheelbase giving you more space in back and more rear legroom. Meanwhile, all-wheel-drive xDrive gives you more grip on slippery roads and smoother ride for such a large vehicle.

Just like previous models the comfy air suspension comes as standard on all trims and non-hybrid models are available with Executive Drive Pro which is a computer which scans the road ahead and automatically adjusts the suspension to match upcoming road conditions meaning if it senses a pothole in 10 meters it will rift the vehicle as to level the cabin before reaching the pothole. 

Infotainment & Tech

With your new 7 Series you can a beautiful 10.3-inch infotainment touchscreen on the dashboard, with twin 10.0-inch touchscreens available for the rear seats. It's wonderful to see how BMW has really proved they invested time and attention in the technology of their new releases like the 7 series by not only  improving the driver experience but the passenger too.  All screens can display navigation graphics and the latter ones also include Blu-ray players. Every spec like we have seen in the new 3 series includes the Intelligent Personal Assistant which is a Siri lookalike system and wonderfully responsive to normal chats and tones. It can finally respond to such functions as the music, heating and navigation. Other features included on all models are a 360-degree camera and cruise control (adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go is optional).

Plug-in Hybrid


If you drive in London quite often – or just want to cut your emissions small electric or hybrid cars such as the i3s are no longer your only option. Now you can have ultimate luxury a satisfy the environmental side of you by considering the 745e or long-wheelbase 745Le. Both combine a hybrid electric motor with a 286hp, six-cylinder petrol engine. For those who drive in central London you will be happy to hear that they’re also exempt from paying the Congestion Charge and the forthcoming ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) tariff, and can travel up to 36 miles on electric power alone. What a Car !

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