A Mini SUV with style


€37,102 / £32,475


Official Partner


47.9 - 62.8

CO2 emissions

118 - 134 g/km

Road Tax

£165 - £515

0-100 km/h

4.9 - 9.6



Safety Rating

SUV Styling without the negatives

Option with more character rather then X1

Lots of interior space

SUV but not really an SUV

Strange interior design

Engine choices a little boring


The x2 is a very particular car to say the least. We attended the Irish official launch and people had a very different emotion to it on every side of the room. We are not sure where it stands in terms of model within the BMW line-up but some would say it’s an SUV born to be in the city like the Range Rover Evoque. The X2 in no way offers a high riding position like other mini SUVs such as the Jaguar E-Pace, Range Rover Sport or Evoque but I must say I have found the design as being much more useful and smarter then other competitor brands. The practicality isn’t surprising, but the way it drives certainly is, because this baby BMW turns out to be extremely comfortable and familiar in corners and retains with pride its family's DNA. The M Sport models have firm suspension and mixed with the firm and accurate steering it makes it a great car for city driving.


Anyhow there are issues caused by the particular design of this car as it's not quite a saloon or an SUV. The result of not being one or the other creates a difficulty of knowing for which clients and daily use you are catering for making it uncomfortable in both situations unless the car has adaptive driving modes like the optional adaptive dampers models in our X2's that soften the bumpy stock suspension.


When considering this car you must remember that there’s no solution to the BMW X2’s low ride height though, and in town you can’t see over other traffic like with other SUVs . It's just the appearance from the exterior that make you think it could be one. That said, all models come with an automatic gearbox that gives your left foot a rest on busy streets and a reversing camera that makes the BMW easy to park. Thick rear pillars mean visibility a bit of an issue on the motorway and the strange bonnet design makes knowing wether or not you're going to hit something a bit of a guesswork, especially in carparks and tight spaces.




Let’s begin this section in the attempt to describe what I think hmmmmmm

The interior of the X2 is immediately recognisable as having the famous BMW gene. It immediately feels like a luxury car from the moment you step in and feel the solidity of the BMW leather-bound steering wheel.


If the option you go for is like the one we had you will find this m signature dual

colour stitching on the interior. As a typical BMW the interior is anything but minimalist yet feels

clean and consistent which is what I like about their design strategy recently. The white on black

dials really give this car a kick of modernity and makes it easy to read and volume knobs, centre

console buttons and air vents are easily reachable. If we look at anything else we can see that it can be operated through the touch screen or the centre console knob by navigating through the iDrive system. Anyhow there are a few issues with the interior , in my opinion the centre console is

designed in a very strange manner and seems to have been almost thrown in from another car asit

does not match the design and general shapes of the X2, it almost comes out at you and rather than being a well sculpted piece it appears to be more created in levels all a different style from each other.


Beginning to observe materials even in an entry-level x2 I was happy to find glossy black trims and

parts of brushed metal that up the game for the X2. Anyhow if you go for M Sport models like our

one raise the stakes even higher as it comes with beautifully crafted aluminium finished while the M sport x model comes with incredible part Alcantara seats with yellow piping that really make the interior that bit more special. If one looks harder plastic can be found but only if you look long and hard. The lower part of the centre console and at the bottom of the door which sometimes could feel a bit cheap like we find in the Audi Q3.





The BMW X2 comes as standard with a 6.5-inch infotainment system with satellite navigation which I was a little disappointed about and although you can use Apple CarPlay as an option that I do not recommend you can’t get the X2 with Android Auto as in many other models. Anyhow there are a few things I disagree in terms of the way BMW managed the choices of priorities within the car. For example in a car with such a small engine like the x2 we had shift paddles are absolutely useless and I do not understand why BMW did not include as standard a bigger 8.8 infotainment system display rather than silly useless shift paddles ( for this car). 



If you decide to upgrade and go for the beautiful 8.8-inch infotainment display and you won’t miss it, though. It’s clear, colourful and flawless to use, and has satellite navigation as standard as it should be in all models. It recognises ‘pinch’ and ‘swipe’ hand gestures even tough you will find that most of the time due to the position of the screen you will stick to the fixed iDrive control which makes it quick and easy to punch in a postcode without having to take your eyes off the road. Once again returning to the strange interior design it actually pushes you away from the screen, differently from other BMW models where my first instinct upon collection was to use the touch screen. 


If one really wants to go all out on their new X2 you can opt for the head-up display, which projects useful information such as speed, the speed limit and route guidance right onto the windscreen directly into your eye line subsequently minimising the time you take your eyes off the road. You can find some more information on this on our x4 review where we put the head up display to the test. In my opinion it’s a great little gimmick but I would find I would never look at it and in fact would forget until the odd time where I would see it whilst driving and wonder for a few seconds what it was…


On this note I would say you’re better of saving your money and putting it towards the optional

Harman Kardon stereo that’s clear, crisp, but also powerful enough to make almost any music sound brilliant.



Audio System

Head-Up Display





The X2 is a particular car, driving position takes a bit of time to get used as if you are transitioning from another small SUV you will not manage to find that perfect driving position immediately but eventually you will understand the dynamics involved in manoeuvring the X2 and will find your ideal position. Both of the front seats have very generous heigh adjustment options unlike cars such as the 4 series meaning that thanks to the high roofline a tall person can comfortably raise their seating position including the steering wheel that can also be lifted or lowered to the ideal position. 

The X2 is truly a great posh little SUV but rear space is no comparison to other car manufacturers as if we look at the relation between the exterior size and how much space one has available inside you might not be very pleased. If you do not plan on bringing back passengers too often or for long trips this could be the car for you tough. Fitting three kids at the back is not a problem but you would be really stretching the abilities of the car by placing three adults elbow to elbow at the back but unlike some other models on the market of competitors when sitting on the middle seat there is sufficient foot room even tough there is a ridge.

If we look at space for baby seats I would say this is a great option to accommodate that. The isofix is easy to find hidden behind the hinged covers on the backrest of the seats and the doors allow for easy access too thanks to the opening span.


The X2 has a great boot size and more the sufficient for this to be considered a very useful friendly and useful vehicle We must however take into consideration that the slanted roofline brings the boot size down from 505 litres which is the X1 boot to 475 litres of capacity meaning a decrease in 30 litres for the sake of design. Anyhow do consider that it is still substantially more then you would get in the small Q2 SUV.

The X2's boot anyhow it extremely well designed and makes use of every space available. The opening is very large making easy to access and there are 12V sockets to charge your phone or other accessories including tethers to strap luggage , hooks to hold your shopping bags in place and even a netted area on the sides so you can put any cleaning products, water bottles or other loose items.

Passenger space



Available Trims


  • 17-inch alloy wheels 

  • Sat-nav with real-time traffic information

  • 6.5-inch central screen

  • Two-zone climate control

  • Rear parking sensors

  • Powered tailgate

  • Cruise control and speed limiter

  • DAB radio

  • Cloth upholstery

  • Hill start Assist

  • Hill descent control 

  • LED daytime running lights 

  • Heated windscreen washer jets

  • Automatic lights and wipers


  • 19-inch wheels 

  • M Sport door sill covers and steering wheel 

  • M Sport suspension

  • Anthracite headliner

  • Aluminium hexagon interior trim with Estoril Blue details

  • Heated front seats in cloth and alcantara with blue or yellow highlight

  • M Sport bodykit including spoiler, bumpers, sills and door cladding

M Sport ( our car )

  • Vision Pack

  • Reversing camera

  • Electrically folding exterior mirrors

  • Comfort Pack

  • Steering wheel heating

  • Electric front seat adjustment 

  • Front seat lumbar support

  • Sport Plus Pack

  • Tinted glass 

  • Extended lighting

  • Harman Kardon stereo 

  • 19-inch alloy wheels

  • M Sport Plus and M Sport X Plus Pack

  • Adds unique 20-inch wheels

  • Tech Pack

  • Head-up display 

  • BMW Navigation Plus 

  • Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging

  • Wi-Fi hotspot

  • There are also many individual options including:

  • Touring fuel tank (61 litres instead of standard 51 litres)

  • M Sports steering

  • Adaptive suspension

  • Detachable towbar

  • Keyless entry and go 

  • Contactless tailgate opening

  • Panoramic glass sunroof

  • Traffic jam assistant

Extra Optionals

  • 18-inch wheels 

  • LED headlights, front foglights and ambient lighting 

  • Sport seats with race cloth upholstery 

  • Contrast stitching on centre console, dashboard and floor mats

  • High-gloss Shadowline exterior trim

  • Gloss black interior trim


  • Specific 19-inch alloys

  • Leather upholstery with contrast stitching

  • Satin aluminium exterior trim

  • M Sport X bodykit including bumpers, door sill and cladding, and wheel arch trims 

  • Aluminium hexagon anthracite interior trim

M Sport X

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