BMW X4 Review

Available for 48h test drive at BMW Park Lane


€48,364 - £42,900


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CO2 emissions

44.1 - 52.3
142 - 205 g/km

Road Tax

0-100 km/h


8 seconds

Gearbox responsive

Cabin very quiet

Interior quality

Self driving is temperamental 

Visibility difficult

Expensive Optionals






Ambient Lighting


The BMW X4 is a sleek coupe version of the BMW X3. It sits above the BMW X2 and below the BMW X6 in terms of size, causing you to have to trade some space and practicality for a more stylish look. Anyhow in this day and age we are well used to this in such cars such as the Audi A5 or the BMW Gran Coupe, but as usual their design is absolutely striking. It was first introduced in 2014 after BMW had an unexpected enormous success with their X6 Suv that came out around 2007-2008. This was the vehicle that people bought would keep the SUV style but remove the utility out of the utility vehicle but luckily it surpassed expectations.




The new BMW x4’s stylish minimalist cabin definitely does not have a wow factor in terms of modernity such as some other competition like the Audi Q range anyhow the typical elegant and high quality interior does not come unnoticed. If you wanted BMW you get BMW but in a different packaging, that's all ! Every piece of plastic trim on the dashboard and centre console feels soft yet stern and you’ll have to reach right down into the cupholders or the bottom of the door bins before you’ll find any hard exposed plastics.

One feature in the new X4 that I must say left me very suprised is to find that unlike other major car brands, even the entry level basic X4 comes with real leather seats and not 1950s "table cloth" seats like we find in entry level mercedes models. Furthermore you can choose from 5 different colour options and later also the stitching contrasts even tough you need to check the availability depending on the model you choose..

If you decide this is your time to shine and choose to get an M Sport or M Sport X model and you will get more supportive leather seats as well as more attention to detail throughout the car which includes more refined materials such as polished aluminium trims. If you choose to go for a model like the one we took from Park Lane BMW which is a high spec M Sport X model you can get a beautiful panoramic glass roof that makes the cabin feel so much bigger and airier with the option of closing it remotely. Steering wheels will also depend on the model but shift-paddels are included as standard throughout all models to really help you achieve that sport feeling from entry level to top-spec!




Still to my disappointment I found out that the entry-level BMW x4 comes with a 6.5-inch infotainment display up on the dashboard.It's very difficult for me to comprehend why they would still not include the 10.3 inch display as standard and maybe instead of including shift-paddels as standard they could prioritise and begin offering the 10.3 inch display for entry level models too. Anyhow as typical BMW Its menus are logically laid out and all in what I consider as high-resolution screen meaning it's easy to see and read while driving. If you go for an option like our X4 such as the BMW X4 M Sport model or you simple splash out on the Professional Navigation pack you will get the absolutely stunning 10.3 inch display that includes Emergency calls, a useful and very kind concierge service and all other BMW online services and applications.  With the BMW well designed I-Drive system the menus are easily to navigate and simple so getting to your desired page or app is as simple as can be without distractions such as the Range Rover impossible to use infotainment system. 

You can click through the various menus by using the center dial so that you don't have to remove your eyes from the road which I found would happen often when trying to reach for the touchscreen.  The X4 comes with satellite navigation as standard across all its ranges and you can easily find any address by inserting the postcode, address or even just telling the car to navigate you to an address. One great thing is the car is great at giving step by step-directions and you can fully customise the route you wish to take through the menu.

If you go for a higher-spec M Sport model or as we say you choose to pay extra for the Professional Navigation pack you will get a 10.3-inch infotainment display and in conjunction with yet another optional called BMW’s optional Technology Package you can get an extra digital driver’s display. This high-resolution screen replaces conventional analogue speedo and rev-counter dials, much like an Audi Q range Virtual Cockpit systems. It certainly makes the BMW X4 feel far more futuristic than other options in its lineup and competitors.


The Technology Pack also comes with gesture controls for the stereo. Spin your finger in front of the central screen and you can raise or lower the stereo volume and do a whole world of other features but it’s a shame the gestures most of the time are not recognised by the system making nothing happen apart making you look like an absolute freak at a traffic light.

However listen to this, the BMW x4 does not come with Android Auto smartphone mirroring and you have to pay extra for Apple CarPlay if you want to use your iPhone’s navigation and music streaming apps through the X4’s built-in screen. And yes ! That seems and is absolutely insane by part of BMW, especially when it doesn't even work properly. I found the Apple car play to be freezing very often, laggy and completely separate to the entire BMW i-drive menu making it work as two separate entities. This caused me to have to stop to operate CarPlay. You can even get a high-resolution head-up-display system that’ll beam your speed, the current speed limit and upcoming sat-nav directions onto the windscreen which I would not personally recommend.  It costs quite a bit extra and is something you will hardly ever notice to be honest.

Finally the standard stereo is fairly loud and reasonably bassy but you can upgrade to either a BMW Advanced system a more expensive Harman Kardon unit. like we had to step up your music game but is still incomparable to an Audi Bang and Olufsen sound system. 




Audio System





The X4 comes with a choice of four and six-cylinder engines in petrol and diesel forms. The X4 has an all-wheel-drive system that will run in front-wheel-drive at a cruise to save fuel, but send power to the rear wheels under heavy acceleration or when slip is detected. It also gets a superb eight-speed automatic gearbox as standard, meaning no manual gearbox option.

The most popular selection from the lineup for the x4 is the 2.0-litre xDrive20d diesel, which has all the performance you’re likely to need with 190hp and 0-62mph dealt with in 8.0 seconds. Yet, officially it’ll also return up to 52mpg, so achieving an mpg in the low 40s is certainly doable in the real world. It accelerates perfectly when desired, not too noisy upon acceleration but if put into sports mode you can have good fun with it.

Smoother still is BMW’s 265hp, six-cylinder, 3.0-litre diesel, which with a 0-62mph time of just 5.8 seconds is noticeably faster in a straight line, too, and will make the X4 feel more luxurious. At the top of the diesel range is the M40d which is billed as a performance diesel which can supposedly sprint from 0-62mph in just 4.9 seconds.


Just one petrol X4 exists, called the M40i, which like the M40d stands as a performance SUV. It can do 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds, but will do so with a far more enticing exhaust note that will send some beautiful shivers on your skin. That said, it’ll also use more fuel than the M40d in the process.


Engine Options



Comfort wise in the front seats of the new BMW X4 there is more then enough space. Especially if you are very tall this would be a perfect solution but in the case that your small ... like myself it's a wonderful driving cabin with more then enough space for you, your friends and family. You can adjust the steering wheel for height and reach ( not an optional thank god ! ) and the sports seat hold you in place throughout your drive. 

Unfortunately, lumbar support which helps reduce backache on long drives costs extra across the BMW range but that is to be expected as it's firstly not a vital element, not everyone requires this and it's like that in all car brands so nothing surprising there. You can get electric seat adjustment but only as part of the rather expensive Premium Pack but this is something I would 100% recommend as it just brings your driving o passenger experience to a new level of comfort. This upgrade does come with a handy memory function which I found magical to have for once with this as in Audi and Mercedes that is not the case. A great addition by part of BMW making it comfortable for you and a great way so you can quickly return the seat to your ideal driving position if you lend your car to someone else.

In the back, it's not perfect or ideal but it works and while other automotive review its and magazine have given the new X4 a slap in the back ... I actually didn't mind the rear seat space. I did find the interior of the X4 as being quite small considering it's ... substantial size on on the exterior but two adults can fit comfortably at the back while 3 may be a bit of an issue. Anyhow I don't think this car would be suitable for long trips with adults at the back as my guests either had their head brushing off the headliner While the BMW X3 has enough head room for another couple of adults to sit without their heads brushing the ceiling, X4's raked roofline means that anybody over six foot tall will suffer just that. Still, leg room is just as good as in the X3, so those same adults sat in the outside seats won’t have their knees jammed against the front seatbacks.

Unfortunately, there isn’t quite as much space for carrying three adults side-by-side as you get in the Mercedes GLC Coupe or the Audi Q5. The central seat is firmer, narrower and raised above the outer two and there’s a large lump in the floor that’ll get in the way of the central passenger’s feet.

Thankfully, it’s reasonably easy to fit a child seat. You get two sets of Isofix anchor points as standard and they come with handy folding covers instead of easy-to-lose removable caps and the BMW X4's raised ride height means you can easily lean in to strap in a child. For children the back seats anyhow are ideal and a perfect size while having the safety of an SUV.

Passenger space


If you open the BMW X4’s new bootlid (electrically powered as standard) you will find a slightly limited rear space which may or may not disappoint you but you must consider this is a coupe regardless of the title of SUV. The boot floor is nicely flat and square and there’s only a slight lip at its entrance to lift heavy bags over, but with 500-litres of space on offer, it accommodates 50-litres less cargo than the BMW X3. Space wise it's not drastically less then the X3 but the coupe design of the bootlid causes higher items to not fit as it would in other models.

That being said, it’s still in perfect competition and in line with other models such as the cool Mercedes GLC Coupe, however, so you’ll have no trouble loading a set of golf clubs, a baby buggy or a few travelling trolleys inside.

If you fold the rear seats down which they split in a 40:20:40 configuration as standard you still have about 200-litres less than you would have if you’d bought an X3. The X4‘s 1,400-litre load bay is exactly the same size as the Range Rover Velar’s capacious boot.


There’s still enough space for a bike with both its wheels attached, but because the X4's roofline slopes more than an X3’s, the space on offer isn’t quite as accommodating of tall, bulky items – even if you remove the load cover.

At least the boot floor is flat so you won’t have any trouble sliding heavy luggage right up behind the front seats. There’s also just enough space under the boot floor for you to tuck a few soft bags safely out of sight but might be a little difficult if you do not have the gas powered lift for the boot floor lid.

Boot space


Interior Lighting

Lighting Options

With the new BMW X4 you can also get six-colour mood lighting as standard, even in entry-level Sport models. The surround lighting is a BMW touch which always leaves me speechless and in love with the brand. One can't wait for the evening to come and personalise the cars design to his/her taste. Furthermore it's a touch of elegance and an addition of visibility within the cabin for everyone without having to stick on the main top lights.

In an Audi ambient lighting is dim and functions solely as aesthetic but in the bmw it serves an actual purpose making it as unique as the Mercedes Benz interior lighting pack but with a car that matches it's modernity in comparison to other brands on the market.


BMW X4 Photogrpahy



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